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Process and dichotomy—especially the process, by which dichotomies can be revealed, explored, and sometimes resolved—are the central concerns of my art. My work explores opposition and how points of contradiction might be brought into balance, if not unity. I use simple, basic shapes to represent the parts contained within a whole, opposites, divisions, or the notion of “inner” qualities as contrasted to “outer”. Using curved and straight lines, I represent movement and change in the two or more aspects of whatever tension I am considering.

These matters are the concerns of my life as well as my art, and in fact, the two are one for me. Through my art, I explore and address my life—in my community, my country, and my times. I am constantly considering my life and the world in which I live. The designs of my pieces vary according to the impact of events taking place in my life.

The process involved in the construction of sculpture, my chosen medium, provides ample time to research and consider my subjects. My medium is metal, for a number of reasons: metal is tactile and the surface can be textured; welding metal is meditative, conducive to contemplation; metal is strong; and metal is relatively permanent. Metal is only as permanent as anything physical can be, the temporary and the eternal presenting another polarity I address—and which I hope my art leads its viewers to consider with me.

In my new work, I am exploring ways to draw in larger audiences to view, consider and benefit from art.

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